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SIFFCY 2023 – Young Jury

YOUNG Jury (International)

Tristan Navarro | Belgium

Tristan Navarro Verhoeven is a 16 year old Belgian-Spanish young-man living in Antwerp,Belgium. He plays football and enjoys watching movies and his favorite moviesare the pirates of the Caribbean series. He came into contact with movies because of his mother Iris Verhoeven who leads the JEF festival for children and youth in Belgium. He also works there during the festival and recently accompanied his mother to Japan to the Kineko film festival. There he met Jitendra who told him about the SMILE international film festival in India. When he was invited to be a jury member he was immediately intrigued and eager to be a part of the festival.

Anwesha Kapoor
Anwesha Kapoor | Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi

I am Anwesha Kapoor, a 17-year-old high school student studying humanities at Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi. I’ve been an active participant in athletics and basketball competitions in school. My hobbies include painting, travelling and binging movies/series. My immediate future includes studying law and brushing up on my skills to become a successful corporate lawyer. Growing up, I’ve always truly upheld the values of ‘Seva-Paramo-Dharma’, passed on to me through generations. I understand that “the true mark of a leader is the ability to impact people’s lives and uplift them” and therefore exhibit the right skills and mind-set to become an active change agent in society/community. I’ve always been up for helping others, be it volunteering to help my fellow classmates and friends in curricular and co-curricular activities or lending a helping hand to the needy and down-trodden! I would like to thank my family, friends, and school staff for helping me to imbibe the values of honesty, simplicity, discipline, and hard work that helped me become the best version of myself. I wish to use my gifts and talents to help others in the future that awaits!

Gursimran Kaur
Gursimran Kaur | M.D.Dayanand model school

I am Gursimran Kaur . I was born on April 27,2006 . My mother’s name is Rajwinder Kaur . She is a housewife. My father Gurmukh Singh is a carpenter. I completed 10th class from M.D.Dayanand model school . Recently I have passed 11th science from same school. In class 8th I was the member of student council as a volunteer . In class 10th I was the vice captain of virjanand house . I participated in many activities and competitions organised by our school . I also participated in many interschool competitions and . I got many prizes and certificates for academic excellence.

Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma | M.D.Dayanand model school

I am Aryan Sharma . I was born on May 9,2006 . My mother’s name is Raj Kumari. She is a housewife. My father Rajesh Sharma is a teacher. I completed 10th class from St. Jude’s convent school, Nakodar with 92.4 percentile. Recently I have passed 11th science from MD dayanand model school, Nakodar. I participated in many activities and competitions organised by our school . I also participated in many interschool competitions and . I got many prizes and certificates for academic excellence.

Hridya Sharma
Hridya Sharma | Swami Sant Dass Public School, Phagwara

I’m Hridya Sharma and I’m a student of class 11 . Since my childhood I’ve been into reading and literature.The times I’m most upset in, I love to listen to songs.I am a chatty and an outgoing person as well.As far as my career is concerned,I aim to qualify for a good college for engineering in the future and hope to fulfill my aspirations I’m my life

Sachit Dutt
Sachit Dutt | Swami Sant Dass Public School, Phagwara

My name is Sachit Dutt.
I am 16 years old.
I am little introvert by nature but inquisitive.
I try my hand in poetry and I like to involve myself in discussions related to political matters . I am a nature admirer also .

Jotsaroop Singh
Jotsaroop Singh | Dips Nurmahal

I study in 10th golden class.My name is Jotsaroop Singh . I study in 10th golden class. My hobby is sketching and playing basketball.

Ashmeen | Dips Nurmahal

I study in 12th science class.My hobbies are sketching, painting , singing and calligraphy .

Bittoo Prasad
Bittoo Prasad | Mission Education Centre, NeeV – A Learning Centre

I am Bittu Kumar, aged 16 years, studying in grade 11 in NeeV- a Learning Centre. I am from Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. Before joining NeeV, I used to study in Ludhiana, Punjab. I studied there one and a half year.
Then I came back to my village in Bihar where I studied for 3 years. After that, I came to Gurugram and joined NeeV in 2014 in grade 2. It has been 9 years studying at Neev and now it feels like my home. Teachers are very motherly they scold when we do mistakes and appreciate when we do anything good.
They encourage us to face any problem in life.
My aim is to be a programmer in future. I like to study about computers and modern technology. So, I am studying Computer Science with commerce and planned to pursue Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA).
NeeV has provided a mentor to guide to achieve my goal. I feel truly blessed to be a student of NeeV.

Anima Bera
Anima Bera | Mission Education Centre, NeeV – A Learning Centre

I, Anima Bera was born in Mahabatnagar, West Bengal, and grew up in a middle-class family. Despite facing several challenges, I have always remained focused on my goals and worked hard to overcome every obstacle that came on the way.
In middle school, I discovered a passion for leadership and was selected as a co-captain of SDA mission school, West Bengal.Throughout my high school years at NeeV, I am always good in academics.
I have been working as a member of the school’s content team for NeeV Newsletter that is published on quarterly basis.While working with the Newsletter editorial team, I have given the opportunity to exhibit my creativity and writing skills.I wish to achieve great things in my life & I know NeeV has provided me that platform & extensive support system from where I could fulfil my dreams with lots of hard work, determination and passion.

Arsh Pun
Arsh Pun | MRA DAV Public school

I am Arsh Pun from Solan Himachal Pradesh . I am really grateful that I got a chance to be a part Of SIFFCY 2022 young jury team . I am always enthusiastic to quench my thirst for knowledge. I like to learn new things daily about my academics.I really want to thank the organizers that I got this wonderful chance . As a teenager, I enjoy watching movies, drawing, and art . Films have always been a part of my life. Some inspired me, some motivated me, some made me cry and others made me burst into laughter. I love public speaking and talking to people .

Prabhuti Mehta
Prabhuti Mehta | MRA DAV Public school

I am Prabhuti Mehta from Solan Himachal Pradesh . I am really grateful that I got a chance to be a part Of SIFFCY 2022 young jury team . I really want to thank the organizers that I got this wonderful chance . Watching movies has always been my favourite Pastime . I have a great interest in music and art . I love public speaking and talking to people listing to their problems and trying to help them . I Feel that one day my interests will surely take me towards success .

Rachit Verma
Rachit Verma | Sshri Guru Govind Singh Public Sen. Sec. School

Good in studies and a disciplined student.

Atharva Sachan
Atharva Sachan | Bharti Public School, Mayur Vihar

A marvel fan since child hood, I’m quite excited to watch and give my views in the movies shown at the film festival. Highly engaged in the genre of animated Japanese films.

Asmi Gupto
Asmi Gupto | Bharti Public School, Mayur Vihar

17-year-old student who believes that people are formed and composed just like movies. Movies are often viewed as a whole, but if one digs deeper, a wealth of diverse emotions and aspects may be found that have been woven together into an exquisite tapestry. She loves speculative fiction and is excited to share her thoughts on the films that will be screened.

Miley Khushwaha
Miley Kushwaha | Deep Memorial Public School

I am 15 years old, interested in dancing, blogging and singing.

Siddhanth Mathur
Siddhant Mathur | Deep Memorial Public School

I am 16 years old, interested in sketching and football

Mantavya Agarwal
Mantavya Agrawal | Delhi Public School, Bhilai
Meloni Ratnani
Melony Ratnani | Delhi Public School, Bhilai
Aditri Pateriya
Aditri Pateriya | Nh Goel World School

I am a curious person who likes learning new things about the world I live in, and the people around me. Since an early age I have loved reading and gaining more knowledge. Singing, swimming and dancing are some other activities that I really enjoy doing! I am a people-oriented person and I would like to do some good for my people and society, so my aspiration is to be an IFS officer when I grow up.

Kuhika Bansal
Kuhika Bansal | Bharti Public School, Swasthya Vihar

I am Kuhika bansal student of Bharti public school studying in grade 9 I recently won a classmate allrounder city level prize and a zonal in basketball. I also participated in BPSMUN, concluding my achievements my goal in life is to be successful and make not only my parents and teachers but my country proud.

Harshita Saini
Harshita Saini | Bharti Public School, Swasthya Vihar
Puru Gupta
Puru Gupta | DLF Public School

My name is Puru Gupta, and I am a 17-year-old student currently studying in the 12th standard. Since 2017, I have been actively involved in the world of theater, where I have honed my skills as a theater artist. I have had the opportunity to participate in numerous street plays that highlight important social issues such as food wastage, water scarcity, environmental change, and air pollution. These plays were performed on various platforms, including the Lung Care Foundation and the United Nations India, where I represented my group.
My dedication and talent in theater have been recognized through numerous awards, further validating my contributions to the field. I have had the privilege of performing in renowned venues such as the Shree Ram Center and other prestigious platforms, where I have been able to showcase my skills and passion for theater.
Beyond my accomplishments on stage, I am also deeply committed to using theater as a means of creating social impact. Through my performances, I aim to raise awareness about important issues and inspire positive change in society. I believe that theater has the power to educate, engage, and transform, and I am proud to be part of this powerful art form.
As I continue to pursue my passion for theater, I am constantly seeking new opportunities to grow and make a meaningful impact. I am grateful for the support and recognition I have received thus far, and I am excited to see where my journey in theater will take me in the future.

Kanav Mehta
Kanav Mehta | St. Joseph's Convent School Mukerian

Hobbies – Reading News
papers & Magazines
Curious about the Current Affairs

Sakshi Singh | Allons Public School
Navpreet Kour Ubeja | Allons Public School
Harishl Beri
Harishl Beri | Stepping Stones Sr Sec School

Harshil is currently studying in class 10. He is a creative and imaginative student who has strong interest in sports. He has participated in various competitions and hosted school Annual Function also. He is an avid reader who enjoys reading books of different genre. He is excited about the opportunity to serve as a jury member and is looking forward to watching and evaluating films that will be presented. Harshil values honesty and integrity and is committed to making a fair and unbiased decision based on his evaluation of films.

Tarita Sharma
Tarita Sharma | Stepping Stones Sr Sec School

Tarita is studying in class 10th. She is passionate about the sport of gymnastics and dedicates a significant amount of time and effort to mastering various skills and techniques involved. She has been chosen as best Gymnast of her school for last three years. Tarita has won many medals in gymnastics. She is also the Sports Captain of her school. Tarita is highly motivated student and is committed to making a fair and unbiased decision. She is excited to serve as jury member and is confident to making a thoughtful and informed decision as jury member.

Diya Arora
Diya Arora | St. Soldier International Convent School
Arshiya Braroo
Arshiya Braroo | Jammu Sanskriti School
Kashish | Jammu Sanskriti School
Harsimran Kaur
Rachit Verma | Sshri Guru Govind Singh Public Sen. Sec. School

Creative student,well mannered and also served as a monitor in class 11th.

Aarushi Pant AFBBS
Aarushi Pant | Air Force Bal Bharti School

Aarushi Pant is a humanities student,studying in class 12E, of the prestigious Air Force Bal Bharati School, New Delhi. A proud baffian, she has been selected as the Head Girl of the school for the academic session 2023-24. She scored 98.8% in her CBSE Class 10 Board examinations.She is an all-rounder, who balances studies with extra-curriculars like debates, declamations, MUNs etc. She is also a part of the school badminton team and enjoys playing various other sports. She hails from a defence background with both her parents serving in the IAF, and intends to continue the legacy of service to the nation by joining the civil services. 

Nishita Dhawan
Nishita Dhawan | Delhi International School Edge

I like to read books, both fictional and nonfictional along with watching movies and documentaries about multiple things.

Damneet Kaur
Damneet Kaur | Saffron Public School

I am an extrovert person. I like to spend time and socialize with people around me.I believe that many changes are required to be made in our society like we should work towards the welfare of deprived children, welfare of women. I like to spend time in nature and I also feel that it is our collective responsibility to save and preserve the environment we live in.

Harpreet Kaur | Saffron Public School

I am a full time student motivated by my love for learning and succeeding as I strive to become an outstanding and successful girl today with the definitive goal of becoming a professional player of lawn tennis ,I have kept a keen interest in cosmetology and enjoy reading and most importantly spending time with my loved ones . I am involved in educating children who can’t afford tuition fee and creating avenue for young individuals like me , who foster the establishment and development of their talents that can ultimately benefit our society.

Saanvi Singh | Laxman Public School

I am Saanvi Singh Student of 10th grade in Laxman Public School, Hauz Khas Delhi. I am 14 years old born in an Architect family. I have passion for acting, but also enjoy writing poems, reading and hanging out with friends. I like learning different languages. Since last 5 years I am attending SMILE international film festival in India. This year I am excited to be part of young Jury.

Kaushiki Singh
Kaushiki Singh | Laxman Public School

An introvert but curious girl, a nature lover, myself Kaushiki Singh, 11 years old born in a sweet family of Ar. Neelam Sharma and Ar. Pritam Singh in Delhi. I am student of 7th grade in Laxman Public School. I was student Council member for environment in 6th grade. I like writing stories specially horror stories and love music. I am a big fan of BTS. I am visiting this SMILE international film festival in India since 2017. This year I am excited for opportunity to be the part of young jury.

Heena Mahajan
Heena Mahajan | BLD School
Kartik Saklani
Kartik Saklani | BLD School
Selina Rehman
Selina Rehman | Kalka Public School
Chandra Partap Nirala
Chandra Partap Nirala | MRA Modern Public School Sector 7 Panchkula
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar | MRA Modern Public School sector 7 Panchkula
Ayelen | Chile
David | Norway
Kaushiki Laxman Public School, Delhi Class -7
Kaushiki | Delhi, India
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Saanvi | Delhi, India