Smile Foundation made I am Kalam in 2010, inspired by the great visionary of our time, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Embodying his indomitable spirit, the film was an attempt to reach out to the country’s children and youth, and motivate them. Essentially, it was an extension of Dr. Kalam’s dream of “Igniting the Young Minds”. The movie got an overwhelming response, and went on to inspire millions not just in India, but across the world.

What followed was a realization of what a good film, with a powerful message can do – it can connect to people like nothing else, particularly children and youth with their impressionable minds. As Dr. Kalam’s ideas, his life and philosophy continue to inspire Smile Foundation, with SIFFCY it intends to continue with his mission of reaching out to as many children and youth as possible, and sow the seeds of change – of being better human beings, of being good citizens, in their minds and hearts. All through the creative audio-visual medium, making way for films of substance that can engage and inspire young minds across the globe.

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