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Siffcy At Schools

Explore the SIFFCY@SCHOOL film library HERE

SIFFCY@SCHOOL is the outreach program of Smile Foundations’ Smile International film festival for children and youth that aims to bring children’s cinema from across the world to your city and your school. Education in today’s world goes beyond books and classrooms, and what better than films to engage and inspire!

SIFFCY, initiated in 2015, is almost a decade old film festival dedicated to children and youth and is committed to promote meaningful purpose driven films among India’s young audience. While the actual festival is held in New Delhi for a week every year, SIFFCY@SCHOOLS is our dream initiative to reach out to a larger young audience across the nation through multiple film screenings, film related workshops, capacity building sessions and many more fun activities.

This is a part of our larger efforts to sensitise the country’s children and youth to become positive change makers who can thoughtfully contribute to making the world a better place. SIFFCY@SCHOOLS is organized in collaboration with like-minded schools, institutions and local organizations. With the support of our amazing and committed school partners, we have already screened films for more than 5,00,000 children and youth across India in the last one year.