This year the week-long annual film festival and forum SIFFCY is going to take place between 11-17 December 2017 in at Sirifort Auditorium complex, New Delhi.

More than 15000 participants are expected to participate in various activities during the week-long film festival.



More than100 meaningful films made for children & youth including feature films, short films and documentaries from across the globe are scheduled to be screened in 4 different auditoriums during the 7days extravagant film festival under five categories –

  • ( I ) International Competition
    Handpicked films from across the globe, selected for the supreme finesse of their art, the most compelling storytelling and highly inspiring depiction of world issues, compete with each other under the category. These critically acclaimed films have already travelled to prestigious international film festivals and have numerous nominations and awards to their credit. May the best film win!
  • ( II ) The Yellow Carpet
    SIFFCY is a celebration – of exuberant childhood, of youthful energy, of positivity and progressive change. And the one colour that captures it all is YELLOW. So, we have ditched the traditional red carpet and are all set to welcome our special screenings on the Yellow Carpet instead. These entries call for a space of their own and we are more than happy to extend them this privilege. Let’s roll it out for them!
  • ( III ) 70MM Smile
    The category showcases exceptionally crafted pieces of good cinema from the world over that bring together an eclectic mix of cultures, beliefs, values and behaviours. Passionate film makers create magic on the screen with spell bounding stories and enchanting characters, leaving their young audience asking for more. You are going to love this!
  • ( IV ) Next Gen
    Young, aspiring filmmakers unleash their talent to the fullest as they showcase their best under the category. All they need is an appreciative audience and a stage – bubbling with energy, courage and oodles of confidence, the film-making trainees and students breathe in their fresh ideas to make some very good films. SIFFCY is a platform to promote good cinema and these upcoming stars of the industry are setting the right tone, choosing to make films with a message. Kudos to them!
  • ( V ) Take One
    Children have a unique way of looking at the world and their perspective is often unclouded by any preconceived notions and conceptions. SIFFCY is not just about cultivating a culture of viewing good cinema among our children, but just as much about imbibing an appreciation of the art of filmmaking and its larger purpose in their young minds. Children don the director’s hat under this category and with their first take, help us see the world through their eyes. This one is an innocent surprise!


An initiative to engage, educate and empower children to make their own stories into films themselves –
KIDS: between the ages twelve and seventeen
PROFESSIONALS: a team of film professionals including Director, Script Writer, Cinematographer, Editor and Music Director
PARTICIPATION: a shared process between film professionals and kids using the latest technology and equipment
This ongoing three month workshop has been conducted in four major cities of India and has been a big hit with children. The films made by our young filmmakers are now ready and will be showcased during SIFFCY.


An initiative with the support of ‘IIP’ (Indian Institute of Photography, New Delhi), to empower children and youth by enabling them to visualize their dreams and look at the world with their own perspective, bringing it all out by capturing the right photographs through the camera lens.


An exciting session by few highly experienced and celebrated industry expert will design to encourage young minds to engage with experimentation and generation of ideas, which will be supported by a sound grounding in art and design principles .


Budding filmmakers will call the shots in this hands-on live action cinematography workshop by a leading Indian Cinematographer and try their hand at lighting control, camera angle, and picture composition, while exploring the fundamental elements of camera operation


Fun and interactive learning sessions where children will not only develop a love of language and literature, getting skilled in narration and performance, but will also be encouraged to immerse into the world of their imagination and weave powerful magical stories through words and oration

7. The Treehouse - Book/Film Workshop

Presentation and announcement of The Treehouse - Book & Film Workshop by Copenhagen Bombay Learning, that SIFFCY is planning to bring to the children of India next year. Read More...


• Best Story (In Feature)
• Best Actor / Actress )
• Best Film (Short / Doc)
• Best Student Film
• Best Film with Special Message (Special Citation in any category)
• Special Mention Plaques may be awarded at the discretion of the Jury .
• Certificate of Participation to all films presented in this section.


When is the next festival?

This year the festival will be from 11th December till 17th December 2017

What are the timings?

Usually the festival timings are 8.30am till 9pm (or depending upon the weather being in winter)

Is the entry free or ticketed?

It’s free to everybody; however few sections are by invitation only (No tickets), Please refer to the Terms & Conditions carefully.

Where can I find information about ticket/passes/invites?

You will have all information on or you can write to

Is this festival only for children?

It’s a festival for children & youth but anybody can participate.

What is the Venue?

This year the festival Venue is Sirifort Auditorium Complex, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi.